iScience, an interdisciplinary open access journal from Cell Press, will publish a special issue entitled Preparing for large-scale transportation electrification: barriers, opportunities and new issues . Guest editors for this issue will be Zhenhong Lin (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Minggao Ouyang (Tsinghua University), and Dirk Uwe Sauer (RWTH Aachen University).


While the electrification of transportation is emerging, the market share of plug-in electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles is still small and most analyses of transportation electrification focus on early adopters and the early market context or are likely constrained by factors, hypotheses or assumptions based on the early market data. Research is needed to intellectually prepare stakeholders and decision makers for all possible barriers and opportunities with rapid, large-scale transportation electrification likely driven by the race toward carbon neutrality or net-zero targets.

Invitation to Submit

For this Special Issue we seek manuscripts that raise and analyze issues associated with large-scale transportation electrification and make recommendations on research, development, deployment, and policies. The deadline for manuscript submittal is March 1, 2022

Relevant topics include:

  • High-level R&D questions (e.g., battery vs fuel cell, implications of a new battery chemistry, automation, connectivity);
  • Energy infrastructure (e.g., charging infrastructure, grid upgrades, storage, EV grid integration);
  • Supply chain (e.g., critical material supply, recycling);
  • Built environment (e.g., parking, connectivity, multi-dwelling units or high-density high-rise apartments);
  • Users (e.g., adoption, tipping point, perception, valuation);
  • Policy (e.g., fuel economy standards, ZEV/NEV mandates, ICEV ban, low-carbon fuel standards, feebates)
  • Cost-benefit analyses (e.g. lifecycle analysis, GHG, criteria pollutants, infrastructure costs, employment impacts, industry loss or gain)
  • Equity of transportation electrification (e.g. among income levels, races, communities, urban vs rural, developed vs developing countries, inter-generations); and
  • Any other relevant issues, especially those that have been ignored!
Sustainability Special Issue

Do you think your research fits the scope of the special issue? If so, we encourage you to discuss your research topics with our guest editors, iScience editor Michelle Muzzio, or submit your paper directly.

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