• iScience Special Issue: Transportation Electrification
  • Sustainability Special Issue: Transportation Decarbonization
  • Electric vehicle charging network coverage and charging opportunity

Transportation Energy Evolution Modeling (TEEM) Program

The TEEM Program's goal is to facilitate understanding of how to efficiently and effectively transition from the current petroleum-based transportation energy system to one that is more sustainable and energy-diverse.

The program focuses on modeling market dynamics related to emerging light-duty vehicle powertrain technologies and predicting their impacts and acceptance. Much of the TEEM Program’s recent research has concentrated on the potential for electrification of the highway vehicle fleet.

Market Acceptance of Advanced Automotive Technologies (MA3T) Model

MA3T is a market dynamics model that estimates the market demand for advanced vehicle powertrain technologies in response to assumptions regarding technology, infrastructure, consumers, and policies. Developed in Microsoft Excel, MA3T currently models 20 powertrain technologies for passenger cars and light-duty trucks and 1,458 consumer market segments.

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MA3T MiniTool

The MA3T MiniTool is a web-based "lite" version of the MA3T model. The MiniTool is a collection of pre-determined scenario results targeted toward both technical and non-technical users. For technical users, the MiniTool allows quick query across multiple scenario results without running the complete MA3T model. For non-technical users , the MiniTool performs as an educational tool and helps users to understand major functionalities of the MA3T model.

MA3T MiniTool